Task Groups & Emergent Work

The Conference Executive will have various tasks and emergent work which will be delegated to one or more people as needed or otherwise indicated to be a staff function. Tasks are on-going responsibilities which will begin and end by decision of the Conference Executive. Emergent work refers to responsibilities which are ad hoc or time-limited.
New tasks and emergent work will be established by decision of the Conference Executive. The decision to establish a task or emergent work will include a budget after consultation with the Finance and Administration Committee. In the case of a task the source of the funding will usually be the General Fund and, in the case of emergent work the source of funding will usually be the Contingency Fund.

Those responsible for each task or emergent work will also be responsible for the following:

  1. To oversee the financial requirements of the task and provide to the Finance and Administration Committee as part of the annual budgeting process the implications of any new monetary requirements.
  2. To review and sign expense forms as necessary.
  3. To request and plan reporting time for the Conference annual meeting as necessary.
  4. To prepare and submit a brief report of activities as requested by the Conference Executive.

Current tasks and emergent work include:

Archives and Records Task:

The Brief to the Provincial Government Task:

Priority Setting and Planning Emergent Work:

The Proposals Task Group:

Hospital Chaplaincy Task:

Continuing Education Task:

Resource Pool Coordinator:

M&S and Stewardship Education Task:

Tasks relating specifically to the Local Global Advocacy Network:

Representative to Earthcare Connections Saskatchewan:

Representative to the Saskatchewan Council for International Co-operation (SCIC): Saskatchewan Conference past representative Ellen Wood of the Saskatchewan Council for International Co-operation (SCIC) wrote the lead story on mining issues in Guatemala which appears on the front page of the Spring 2014 “Mining Issue” of the SCIC Earthbeat Newsletter. You can check it out on the SCIC website at http://earthbeat.sk.ca/

Representative to the MICAH Mission Board:

Refugee Liaison Task:

Conference Global Mission Personnel Co-ordinator:

Announcements: Living Skies

News and all documents for Living Skies Regional Council are right here.



If you are interested in volunteering for the work of Saskatchewan Conference, please fill out our skills & abilities survey link. We need your gifts of time and skills!

For any questions contact Bev Kostichuk at 306-647-2679.

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