In addition to unique skills and gifts which each member brings to the Staff Team, each staff member must have the ability to act as:

High skills in and a high commitment to motivating, training, supporting, and working with volunteers. Staff members are expected to team with volunteers in educational events and committee work.

The person, being conversant with the historic Christian faith, will be expected to have a commitment to a living, growing faith and a willingness to continue to develop and articulate her/his theology. As well, the person will recognize that faith development happens in community and will seek with others to explore and share their theologies.

Administrative skills are essential. Administration is a task shared by all team members and is related to program and committee areas.

Program Staff:

Bill Doyle

Executive Secretary

As executive secretary, Bill serves as a liaison between Saskatchewan Conference and the General Council of the United Church as well as between the Conference and our presbyteries and congregations. He is a resource to Presbyteries and assists with the operation of the conference office and supervises the other office staff.

Bill has primary responsibility for administration in matters related to the Conference Executive. He is also a support to the Conference President, and is staff resource to the Annual Meeting Planning Committee and the Finance and Administration Committee.

Presbyteries and congregations frequently consult the executive secretary regarding General Council and Conference policies. He also is a resource on church legal matters and questions related to church property, church closure and amalgamations.

Bill brings to Saskatchewan Conference a love for the church, a passion for justice and inclusion, and a belief in the mutuality in relationships and the importance of valuing people for whatever it is that they do.

Bill was a lawyer in Winnipeg for twenty years. He has also been an active lay person in the church serving in many capacities, mostly related to social justice, inclusivity, and ministry personnel. Immediately before joining the Saskatchewan Conference, Bill was in pastoral ministry with the congregations of Strathclair, Newdale and Cardale in western Manitoba.

Julie Graham

Program Staff for Mission & Education

I am a United Church member with Anglican and Mennonite roots. I was born and raised on Coast Salish traditional territory along the Fraser River and Pacific Ocean in British Columbia. BC Conference youth and young adult ministry was central to my understanding of “church”, and my paid and volunteer work with Conference have left me with a permanent love of the regional expressions of our church.

I have a degree in Latin American Studies, Spanish, and French.  As a young adult, I moved to Toronto to work with Ten Days for Global Justice and then with KAIROS, where I focused on popular education, movement-building, and human rights. About a year and a half ago, I moved to beautiful Saskatchewan and Treaty Six territory with my partner, Jennifer Janzen-Ball. While with KAIROS, I worked often with Saskatchewan and Prairie communities and always loved it, so I thought I should just move here to be closer to you all.

These days, I am a co-facilitator for the United Church’s racial justice workshops; communications coordinator with Affirm United/ S’affirmer Ensemble; a writer and education designer; and an instructor aide in Sask Polytechnic’s Language Instruction for Newcomers program.

I am very lucky; both my paid and volunteer work bring the privilege of connecting with a great diversity of people and places, including past and present work on water, climate justice, racial justice, right relations with Indigenous peoples, and human rights in conflict situations. I am delighted and honoured to journey in great footsteps and join the Saskatchewan Conference staff team and community!

Amar Koshy

Program Staff for Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Amar is the Program Staff for the Youth and Young Adult Community Network (YAYAC) of Saskatchewan Conference.  Amar has been a member of The United Church of Canada from December 2014 to the present.  Amar is an Indian citizen who has traveled to various countries around the world as a missionary with his family.  Amar graduated from high school on June of 2016. Amar is currently studying for a Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of Regina.  As Program Staff for YAYAC, he is responsible for making sure youth and young adults are represented at every United Church event.  He is also responsible for leading and planning various events for the youth and young adults in the United Church.  Amar is passionate about mission. He has spent a major part of his life as a missionary’s son. He believes in the importance of youth and young adults being active in the community and the church.  Amar believes that youth and young adults should be aware of world problems and become a force of change in today’s world.

Liz Mackenzie

Conference Personnel Minister

Liz joined the Saskatchewan Conference on September 1, 2015, after serving in congregational ministry in four pastoral charges in three Ontario Conferences.

In her role, Liz works with the Pastoral Relations/Settlement, Sexual Abuse Prevention and Response, Interim Ministry and Continuing Education Committees, and with the work of ministry vocations, including the Conference Interview Board, the Committee on Internship and Educational Supervision and the Presbytery Education and Students Convenors’ Network. Much of her time is given to support of ministry personnel and congregations with personnel policy-related questions, or in times of change, crisis or transition. Liz is also the primary contact for the Counselling Assistance Fund and the Cohen Fund, as well as the liaison with the General Council Financial Assistance Committee.

Prior to being ordained, Liz worked as a Human Resources Management Consultant, and before that as a High School French and English teacher.

Liz brings to her work a commitment to the United Church of Canada’s Living Into Right Relations path with an understanding that a commitment to walk in right relationship with First Nations brothers and sisters will transform and liberate all of us to live out what it means to be the body of Christ.

Madeleine McLuhan-Myers

Conference Archivist

(Note: Please send requests for archival information to

As archivist, Madeleine works to ensure that historical records of the United Church in Saskatchewan – including those from local churches, presbyteries and the Conference – are collected, documented, preserved and made available for research. She works closely with the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan, in order to maintain and enable continued access to the archival collection.

Responsibilities of the archivist include: facilitating responses to information requests sent to the Conference Archives; reviewing, selecting and preparing records for inclusion in the archives; and working with the local Archives and History Committee, General Council Archivist and other Conference Archivists to further archival efforts within in the United Church.

Madeleine is a graduate of the Archival Studies (M.A.) program at the University of Manitoba and has worked in archives since 2006. She joined the Saskatchewan Conference staff in 2012.

Administrative Staff:

Bev Diebert, Administrative Staff

Bev supports the work of most committees (Internship & Education Supervision, Interview Board, Interim Ministry, Nominations, Pastoral Relations and Sexual Abuse Prevention and Response), all the Networks and the Continuing Education Task Group.  She processes the daily mail including the Pastoral Relations forms, answers the office phone calls, maintains the Conference Website and the Conference Database, Pastoral Relations Availability and Vacancy listings, sends out regular E-notes/E-shares, and manages the e-mail inquiries from the Conference’s general mailbox. Bev works 80% time, or four days a week, Tuesday to Friday.

Heather Dootoff, Administrative Staff-Finance

Heather works closely with the Conference Staff supporting the Conference Executive, the Finance and Administration Committee and the Mission Support Committee. She prepares all conference, committee, network and task group budget materials and is responsible for the financial accounting. Heather is the staff resource to the Mission Support Committee and receives all Mission Support, Saskatchewan Conference and Green Initiative grant applications. All requests of and replies from the Saskatchewan Conference Archives come by her desk.  Licence to Marry requests with the Saskatchewan Government should be directed to Heather.

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For any questions contact Bev Kostichuk at 306-647-2679.

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