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President Krystal Sheremeta sends a Letter to the Premier and Provincial Minister of Health

Media Release: Re – Sharing of Resources (June 4, 2015)

2013 Annual Brief to Government Press Release

Affirming Ministry Media Release President’s Letter to Pastoral Charges
Question/ Answer Chart

President, Darrell Reine Sends a Letter to the Provincial Minister of Social Services

The Saskatchewan Conference of The United Church of Canada Supports Same-Gender Couples as it Opposes Discrimination By Marriage Commissioners May 12, 2010


Click here to view the latest philanthropy newsletter on how congregations can manage the summer slump and kickstart M & S Programs fro Children and Youth–2tmfh-omb6ok5&_v=2

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Announcements: Living Skies

News and all documents for Living Skies Regional Council are right here.



If you are interested in volunteering for the work of Saskatchewan Conference, please fill out our skills & abilities survey link. We need your gifts of time and skills!

For any questions contact Bev Kostichuk at 306-647-2679.

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