Saskatchewan Conference of the United Church had seven networks who connected, educated and encouraged action by individuals and local ministries. When SK Conference and the seven presbyteries ended their ministries in January 2019, many of the networks were disbanded with thanks. New structures and ways of working together will be discerned in Living Skies Regional Council. For now, though, the networks below will continue their ministry as we live into a time of major transition: 


Intercultural Ministries Network encompasses the responsibilities of Affirming Ministries, Ethnic Ministries and Women in Ministry within Saskatchewan Conference. The Intercultural Network communicates through the Intercultural Network Site. Please explore the information on the blog.


134562768_lakota-star-quilt-afghan-blanket-crochet-pattern-ebayAll My Relations Network acknowledges and works towards overcoming the separation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples, and deepening relationships among all nations in Saskatchewan by:

The All My Relations Network communicates through the AMRN Blog. Please explore the information on the blog and become a follower.

LGA-logo-e1360357475441Local / Global Advocacy Network has a mandate to gather together people in congregations of Saskatchewan Conference who are interested in justice work. The Network will encourage and challenge the church to reflect ethically and theologically as a compassionate, justice seeking and justice making community, living in respect with creation. The Network will also relate to the wider church particularly in response to local and global issues being raised by General Council. The Local/Global Advocacy Network communicates through the Local/Global Advocacy Network Site. Please explore the information on the blog and become a follower.

This network administers the following Fund:
This Network will authorize expenditures from the Rural Advocacy Fund

Presbytery Education and Students Convenors Network has the mandate to:1. To support the work of the Presbytery E&S Committees within Saskatchewan Conference.

  1. To support the work of the Presbytery E&S Committees within Saskatchewan Conference.
  2. To assist the church, i.e. Conference, Presbyteries, and Pastoral Charges, in recruiting, encouraging and training those persons who have been called to the Ordained, Diaconal, and Designated Lay ministries.
  3. To relate to St. Andrew’s College (by appointing one of the members of the Network to the St. Andrew’s College Academic Committee), the Calling Lakes Centre Designated Lay Ministers Program, the Centre for Christian Studies, and any other United Church educational institutions or centres, as appropriate.

WUCN-logo-3-e1360356452640Women of the United Church Network has a mandate to reach out to the women of the United Church within Saskatchewan Conference through the existing UCW structure as well as through non-UCW groups and the individual women of the church. The Women of the United Church Network communicates through the WofUCC Network Site. Please explore the information on the blog and become a follower.

This network administers the following funds:
The Women of the United Church Network authorizes expenditures from the UCW Bursary Fund. As well it promotes the Margaret Agatha Kaasa Bursury Fund which is administered through the National UCW.

yayac6ed8-e1383928409124Youth and Young Adult Community (YAYAC) Network

  1. works to empower and support youth and young adults of Saskatchewan Conference. It plans such events as the Conference Youth Rally and the Young Adult Retreat. Another focus of the Committee is to “strengthen ties” between the youth and young adults in the Conference, presbyteries and pastoral charges.
  2. fosters a loving, accepting Christian community of and for young people (15ish – 30ish) within the United Church. They will network to reach and support the needs of these young people across Saskatchewan. Their role as a network is to provide young people with opportunities for fellowship and financial support, and aid leadership persons with resources, enabling such persons to initiate similar projects within their own communities, and to inspire our youth to see that our God is an awesome God who likes to have fun, and,
  3. sets the fire for youth ministry ablaze!

Announcements: Living Skies

News and all documents for Living Skies Regional Council are right here.



If you are interested in volunteering for the work of Saskatchewan Conference, please fill out our skills & abilities survey link. We need your gifts of time and skills!

For any questions contact Bev Kostichuk at 306-647-2679.

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