The-New-Crest-logo-1-3Committees are bodies of elected members who have responsibility for making decisions, planning events and for the administration and disbursal of any forms needed in their area of the church’s life.

In the Saskatchewan Conference structure, there are nine committees as follows:

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee gathers a slate of nominations for the officers of the Conference and its committees, networks, and task groups for presentation to the Annual Meeting. It also provides nominations for unexpected vacancies which occur during the year. In General Council years, it is the responsibility of the committee to gather nominations from the Presbyteries in order to create a slate of names to be elected as General Council Commissioners at the Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting Planning Committee

The Annual Meeting Planning Committee plans the Annual Meeting of Conference, including local arrangements, the Children at Conference program, communications, recognition of retirees, theme and worship.

Finance and Administration Committee

The Finance and Administration Committee oversees and is responsible for the management of the financial affairs of the Conference; exercises Conference responsibility on matters of incorporation; and is a resource within the Conference on matters of property and polity. For more details of the Finance and Administration Committee’s responsibilities

Mission Support Committee

The Mission Support Committee administers and disburses funds from General Council and from Saskatchewan Conference to support Mission Units (congregations, chaplaincies, outreach ministries etc). The Committee meets twice each year. For more details of the Mission Support Committee’s responsibilities

Conference Interview Board (CIB)

The Interview Board ‘s purpose is to interview those preparing for ministry, and to make reports and recommendations following those interviews to the home presbyteries or to the Conference as appropriate. Applicants are interviewed for either suitability for ministry or for readiness for ministry, or, in some instances, both. For more details of the Conference Interview Board’s responsibilities

Committee on Internship and Education Supervision (CIES)

The Committee on Internship and Educational Supervision is responsible for the oversight of students, supervisors and learning sites in supervised ministry education programs established by The United Church of Canada within Saskatchewan Conference, to ensure effective learning experiences.For more details of this committee’s responsibilities

Pastoral Relations / Settlement Committee

The Pastoral Relations/Settlement Committee has oversight of the pastoral relations work within Saskatchewan Conference. For more details of the Pastoral Relations/Settlement Committee’s responsibilities

Interim Ministry Committee

The Interim Ministry Committee oversees the designation and support (including sabbatical planning) of Interim Ministers within Saskatchewan Conference. This committee supports the Saskatchewan Interim Ministry Network and administers the Interim Ministry Fund. For more details of the Interim Ministry Committee’s responsibilities

Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Committee

This committee encourages and supports increased awareness about sexual misconduct (sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and pastoral sexual misconduct) in the church, and deals with complaints under the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy of The United Church of Canada. For more details of the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Committee’s responsibilities

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