June 20, 2018

1. Last E-notes until fall

2. All Things Annual Meeting

3. Opportunity Knocks AGAIN – Office of Vocations

4. What Happened to Proposal No 1?

5. REMINDER to all SK Ministry Personnel (active, retained, retired)

6. Honour World Refugee day: keep families together

7. Region 4 Facebook group

8. Hold the date and the thought: Conference Affirming retreat this fall

9. Moderator’s letter on Trans Mountain pipeline approval

10. Worship resources for LGBTQIA+ Pride and more

11. Hospital Chaplaincy / Spiritual Care

12. SAVE THE DATE! Church Office Administrators Retreat 2018


13. Saskatchewan Conference Archives and Presbytery Records

14. Gaza: Moderator Supports Investigation to End Impunity

15. Racism Meeting Restorative Justice Presentation

16. Prairie Centre for Ecumenism Annual Fundraising Dinner

17. Stewardship updates: New video on funding model

18. Action to end refugee travel loan repayment

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1. Last E-notes until fall
As summer has arrived, so has time for rest and relaxation (summer holiday).  E-notes will be suspended until the fall.  However, if important items or information arises during that time, it will be distributed in a timely manner.  Have a safe and fun summer!!

2. All Things Annual Meeting
Now that the Annual Meeting is finished, you might wonder what went on there.  On the Conference website Annual Meeting page are notes from Rodger Nishioka’s three theme presentations.  As well as the notes, Rodger’s resource materials (the material that was projected during his presentations) are posted there.  Also, on the page are the videos that presbyteries put together, as well as the two Common-taters.
You may also like to know that $3,232.37 was collected at the Service of Praise and $3,612.55 was raised through Church Pew Karaoke for Mission and Service.  Thank you to all who gave so generously.

3. Opportunity Knocks AGAIN – Office of Vocations
Each Conference is to nominate five people who would bring the essential skills, commitment, and vision to serve on the new Board of Vocation and the Candidacy Boards (Commissions of the Office of Vocation Board).  The nominees must be members of the United Church including lay and ministry personnel.

All members of the Boards will be

It is hoped that within the Boards the following areas of knowledge and expertise will be present: experience in the education and students system; experience with decisions from reviews at presbytery or Conference; familiarity with standards of practice and ethical standards; and ministry leadership in many contexts: Indigenous, rural, urban, and francophone.

If you are interested in being nominated for these Boards, please contact Bev Kostichuk, convenor of the Conference Nominations Committee on or before July 6th at 306-782-1001 or bkosti@nullgmail.com

Also, if you know someone whom you think could serve in these positions, please talk to them and encourage them to consider this.  We are often hesitant to put our own names forward but if someone taps us on the shoulder and encourages us, we are more likely to consider it.  So please do you part in encouraging others to put their names forward.

4. What Happened to Proposal No 1?
The Conference didn’t deal with Proposal No. 1 at the annual meeting in North Battleford.  That Proposal, which had originated in River Bend Presbytery, was considered and passed by the Conference Executive at its February meeting.
Proposal No. 1 provided that:
For the health and holistic care of patients/residents/clients within the province, Saskatchewan Conference of The United Church of Canada calls upon the Government of Saskatchewan, through the Ministry of Health:
–   to reinstate professional multi-faith spiritual care staff within provincial healthcare institutions; and, immediately,
–   to include, within its Ministry of Health budget , the necessary funds to re-establish departments of Spiritual Care and to staff said departments with well-qualified professional, multi-faith spiritual care practitioners.

It resulted in a letter being sent by Krystal Sheremeta as Conference President on April 5th to the Premier and the Minister of Health.  That letter is available on the Saskatchewan Conference website here.
If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact Bill Doyle at the Conference Office.

In March, all ministry personnel (active, retained, retired) were sent a letter via email from Liz Mackenzie, SK Conference Personnel Minister, outlining new requirements passed by the General Conference Executive regarding police records checks and mandatory training for ministry personnel.  If you plan on continuing any of the functions of ministry (which includes pulpit supply, nursing home services, weddings, etc.), you MUST be in the possession of a current police records check (dated no later than July 1, 2011) and filed your Annual Declaration in Respect to Criminal Charges and/or Criminal Convictions by June 30, 2018.  You can access the on-line declaration here: https://unitedchurch.formstack.com/forms/annual_declaration
If you require help accessing the form, please contact Bev Diebert, bdiebert@nullskconf.ca or 306-721-3311.
As well, you MUST also have completed both mandatory trainings for ministry personnel – Racial Justice training and Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response (Boundaries) training.  The Racial Justice training is only taken once, but the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response training must be “refreshed” every 5 years.  Information on the mandatory training webinars offered by United In Learning can be found in the Continuing Education section of E-notes.

In August, all ministry personnel files will be reviewed to ensure compliance with these General Council requirements. If there are ministry personnel who are not in compliance with both the police records check and the “Boundary” training requirements, it is likely that SK Conference will cancel wedding licences and contact the appropriate presbyteries to begin disciplinary actions for active or retained ministry personnel.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Liz Mackenzie, emackenzie@nullskconf.ca or 306-721-3311.

6. Honour World Refugee day: keep families together
The United Church and refugee advocates are calling on us to help stop migrant parents being separated from their children, in the US and Canada. It also reminds us that Indigenous parents regularly have their babies and children taken away, all across Canada. Please have a look at this action, which offers many short action ideas and prayer options. Prayerfully discern what you can do to help these families.   https://www.united-church.ca/news/keeping-families-together-us-and-canada

7. Region 4 Facebook Group
A Facebook group for Region 4 is up and running, and it needs new members. This will be one way of strengthening connections and communications as the church moves through a transition to Regions. You will need to ask to join in order to see the group, and, unlike the Hotel California, you can leave at any time.

8. Hold the date and the thought: Conference Affirming retreat this fall.
At this year’s annual meeting in North Battleford, a caucus of Affirming and Affirming-curious ministries realised they were all together in the same room for the first time. They decided a fall retreat would be a great idea. It would be open to all Affirming ministries, ministries in the process, ministries curious about the Affirming process, and all involved or interested individuals. If this sounds promising, get in touch with the Intercultural network conveners, Nobuko Iwai and Brian Mitchell-Walker, through Julie at the Conference office. We won’t put you on the planning committee (automatically), we promise.

9. Moderator’s letter on Trans-mountain pipeline approval
In her June 1 letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Moderator wrote to express deep concern at the federal government’s decision to purchase the Trans Mountain Pipeline. 
Bill C-262, an act to harmonize Canadian law with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), passed third reading on May 30.  However, Canada’s Trans Mountain Pipeline decision is inconsistent with its support of UNDRIP, particularly Indigenous Peoples’ right to free, prior, and informed consent and participation in decision-making, noted the Moderator.  Please have a look at the full letter.  

10. Worship resources for LGBTQIA+ Pride and more
June is celebrated as Pride Month in many communities in Canada, but Pride festivals take place right through September. Three great new worship resources are available under Downloads , on the national United Church’s worship page.

There are many other excellent resources on this page, including prayer themes such as peace in Korea and multiculturalism.

11. Hospital Chaplaincy / Spiritual Care 
Since the closing of Spiritual Care Departments in Saskatchewan Hospitals, one of the only ways the United Church Hospital Chaplain will know that there are members or adherents in one of the larger center hospitals (Regina Hospitals: General, Pasqua and Wascana Rehabilitation Centre; Saskatoon Hospitals: Royal University, St. Paul’s and City) is if she is directly contacted by a pastoral charge.  Ministry personnel are encouraged to be vigilant about letting their congregants know that if they, or someone they know, is going to be in one of the Regina/Saskatoon hospitals and would like a spiritual care visit, they can ask their minister to contact the Chaplain. The Chaplain in Regina is Angela Fraser at 306-527-5430 and in Saskatoon it is Cathy Coates at 306-227-8707. 

12. SAVE THE DATE! Church Office Administrators Retreat 2018
The Church Office Administrators retreat for 2018 will be held from October 22 – 24, 2018 at Queen’s House of Retreat in Saskatoon.  See the announcement in Con Ed Events for more details.

13. Saskatchewan Conference Archives and Presbytery Records
Do you have a basement, closet or cabinet full of presbytery records? Winter is a great archiving season and the Conference Archives has been working to make sure that our collections of presbytery minutes, reports, histories, photographs and other material (etc.) are complete and not forgotten, amid the everyday hustle and bustle.
A new guide, Presbytery Records and the Archives, is available from our webpage, to help anyone responsible for Presbytery records determine how long to keep them and which ones should go to the archives. There are also brochures, forms, guides and information sheets relating to congregational records, United Church privacy policies (for church records) and various other topics.
For more information, visit www.sk.united-church.ca/archives/ or e-mail us (archives@nullskconf.ca).

14. Gaza: Moderator Supports Investigation to End Impunity
Recent demonstrations along the fence separating the Gaza Strip from Israel were met with live fire from the Israeli army; from March 30 through May 15, 110 Palestinians were killed and roughly 12,000 wounded. The Moderator calls on us to support the Canadian government’s call for an independent investigation that could help end impunity.

15. Racism Meeting Restorative Justice Presentation
Dave Whalley was asked to put contact information in E-Notes for Restorative Justice organizations in Regina, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert.
For persons wanting to volunteer and /or donate, each of these Restorative Justice organization are self-supporting but they work closely together.
1) Parkland Restorative Justice in Prince Albert – Ph: 306-763-6224;  info@nullparklandrj.com.
2) Micah Mission in Saskatoon – Ph: 306-653-3009;  micahcoordinator@nullgmail.com
3) CoSA South Saskatchewan in Regina – Ph: 306-552-4099;  kirsten.cosass@nullsasktel.net.

If you would consider a presentation to your Pastoral Charge, Presbytery, or community, please contact Dave Whalley – Ph. 306-747-2804 or by E-mail  ldwhalley@nullsasktel.net .  He and other facilitators would welcome the opportunity to bring the message of Racism Meeting Restorative Justice to any group.

16. Prairie Centre for Ecumenism Annual Fundraising Dinner
The Prairie Centre for Ecumenism will be holding their Annual Fundraising Dinner on July 12 at St. Stephen’s Anglican Curch Hall, 10 Grosvenor Cr., Saskatoon to Celebrate Together!!  Individual tickets can be purchased by following the Eventbrite link and clicking “Tickets”  at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/ecumenical-fundraising-bbq-tickets-46196304390  OR by calling the office  at 306-653-1633.
If you are interested in purchasing a table of 8 for $250, please contact the Prairie Centre office.  Cash, cheque, VISA and Mastercard are all accepted by the Prairie Centre office.

17. Stewardship updates: new video on funding model
David Armour addresses the question of how the proposed January 1, 2019 funding changes will affect Mission & Service in this “Mission & Service in Times of Change” video. 

18. Action to end refugee travel loan repayment 
We all want refugees to settle well in Canada. That’s why many SK congregations and communities have sponsored so often over the years. But Canada currently asks refugees to pay back the money that the government spent on their travel to Canada.
The evidence shows that these loans have a negative impact on refugees’ ability to settle well. The government knows this, which is why they just stopped charging interest on the loans. But it would cost just 40 cents per Canadian to stop asking refugees to repay these loans entirely. Please join ecumenical partners in asking the government to end the loan system. Please read more here.

Check out upcoming events
Please remember to check the excellent events outlined in the attached Con-Ed Events listings.  Also remember to check out the communication sites on the website and the Conference events calendar.


Annual Meeting registration is now closed.


If you are interested in volunteering for the work of Saskatchewan Conference, please fill out our skills & abilities survey link. Further instructions can be found within this document.

For any questions contact Bev Kostichuk at 306-647-2679.

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