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Christmas Message 2017

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.”

Thousands of years ago…

            In quiet conversations whispered between women carrying children yet to be born, stories of angels, of ancient promises to be fulfilled, of the impossible, the improbable – happening before their eyes.  Smiles of shared knowledge, hope and truth are exchanged.

            In the midst of an oppressive regime, a young woman sings a song of justice.

            With a cruel decree – a tax – a journey begins. One family among many displaced, forced to travel when they do not want to, seeking safety for the night.

            In a story of the powerful flexing their might, comes a baby lying in a manger – the light in the darkness for all people.

            Breaking into the stillness of the night, choruses of Hallelujahs.

In the midst of a world filled with pain, hurt, and misery, precisely here, the arrival of Hope, Peace, and Joy – a promise fulfilled – Emmanuel.

This Christmas, may God break into our world once more.
            To change us.
                    To change our world.

This Christmas, may we too stand in awe before angel choirs,
            whisper at the promise of new life,
                     raise our voices in songs of justice
                                and go and tell.

For unto us is born a baby.  Good news of great joy for all people.

Rev. Krystal Sheremeta
President, Saskatchewan Conference, United Church of Canada


Saskatchewan Conference Receives a Gift from the All Native Circle Conference

This bowl, crafted by Bob Patton of the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, was gifted by the All Native Circle Conference to Saskatchewan Conference in celebration and thanksgiving for the concrete act of reconciliation – the continuing financial gift of one-half of the Moats Land Fund.



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